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CASUS Sp. z o.o. - Sp. k.

ul. 12 Lutego 25
82-300 Elbląg

tel. +48 55 611 01 46

We are a company dealing with international forwarding. We concentrate on road transportation around Europe. Our customers belong to different business fields and nationalities. Whatever country they come from and whatever kind of business they do, they require efficient, reliable and highly qualified services. We do our best to fulfill their needs and wishes.

We increase the number of customers every year. The majority of them are in the nutrition industry. Our specialization helps us to achieve and maintain a high standard of services as we are always well informed and constantly develop our carrier potential.
      According to the spirit of time we use brand new technologies, e.g. vehicles monitoring systems and related to them customers information systems. Our employees take care of your loadings round the clock.

Our procedures are based on all necessary international regulations (The CMR Convention, The General Shipping Regulations, The ADR Agreements, The Incoterms formulas).
      The most important compliment for us are constant orders from our customers who entrust us with the transportation of their precious goods, their safety and obligations.


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